West Michigan Sales Agreement






Todays Date:_________________

Sales Agreement

1st Color Choice________2nd_______
               Male        Female       Either

Total Cost______________________

Deposit_____Ck___CS__ Venmo___


Date you will be ready for a puppy?_____________________
This contract begins with a deposit to hold the intended puppy. 
     Congratulations, on your decision to purchase a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel puppy. It is my goal to raise healthy, adorable and well socialized puppies that will live to an old age.  
The pedigrees involved have been studied and have been found to be flawless of any genetic issues for generations.
 The Sire and Dam of your puppy have been OFA eye and heart certified. 
DNA testing has been done also for Episodic Falling Syndrome.
Some puppies experience umbilical hernias that happen at birth. Many times these will close, if not there may be an additional cost at when spayed or neutered.
This will be the buyers responsibility for the addition cost or you have the option to wait for a puppy with no hernia.
      This contract also acts as a guarantee for 12 months
This guarantee does not apply for accidents that may occur both physical and or flea and tick medication. These have been know to make puppies
very sick, even causing death.
 If a genetic problem is found by a licensed Veterinarian, 
I need to be contacted as to their recommendation. If it warrants a replacement puppy, one will be replaced when available. No money will be refunded and or the accumulating vet bills. These charges will be the buyers responsibility not the seller. Returning the puppy will also be at the buyers expense.
I also reserve the right to take the puppy back if abuse is in question until the situation resolved