West Michigan Cavaliers
West Michigan Cavaliers

Shot Information
6-7 wk- 1st Shot Distemper
9-10wks- 2nd Shot Distemper 
12-13 wks- 3rd Shot Distember / Lepto
15-16 wks-4th Shot Distember / Lepto
Rabies Shot at 4-5 mo
Lyme Shot - Series of 2 shot the first year - 6 mo

Remember your puppy is not fully protected until all shots are completed. 

Spay or Neuter at 6 mo

Heartworm, Flea & Tick Protection
Heartguard for Heartworm - Monthly
Brevecto for Fleas & Ticks after 6 mo of age - Every 12 week
Be so careful with Flea and Tick meds. Cavaliers can have bad reactions
Essential oils help with repelling bugs 



Dry Skin

These are available on amazon they work 
amazing for dry skin. 
Poke open a capsule and put on the food.


      Nu Vet Plus - I recommend this vitamin to keep your 
puppies and dogs healthy
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