West Michigan Cavaliers
"Our Queens"

All of our breeding parents have been carefully choosen and are heart and eye certified as they become of age. They have regular vet checks on over all health  DNA test are also done.

Sophie is a beautiful Ruby. She has a larger than life personality and has lived up to her nickname " Stinker Pot" Extremely loyal, you will never be alone again. She weighs around 13 lbs. 
Kate is a very petite tricolor. She is has the sweetest personality. Loves to be on your lap. She weighs around 12 lbs. 
Vivian is a Blenheim and a best friend. She literally can have a conversation with you and loves everyone. She weighs around 16 lbs. 
Winter is a Blenheim. She has such a very calm personality. Goes with the flow but can romp with the best of them.Shes very loyal and weighs about 20 lbs. 
Chesa is a Ruby. Once a puppy she will always be a puppy. She is very playful and very smart.  She weighs about 15 lbs.
Desi is a Tricolor She is a best friend very affectionate. Shes very loyal and weighs about 18 lbs. 
Meadow is a Blenheim. She is a puppy from Orchid that I kept because or her amazing pedigree and personality. She weighs about 16lbs.
Opal is a Tricolor. She is such a wonderful girl. Loves to go everywhere with me and is my sidekick. Love her personality and is so smart. She weighs about 12 lbs
Fancy is a Black and Tan. She is such a sweet petite little one.. She is such a love bug. The best of companions. She weighs about 11 lbs
Rayne is a ruby. She is also on the small side. She is just a cuddle bug. She weighs about 13 lbs
Ellery is a Blenheim. She just has that look that make ya melt. Awesome personality. She weighs about 15 lbs
Jessie is a Tricolor. She is very athletic. She can jump super high and a real sprinter. She has an amazing personality. Jessie weighs 17 lbs
Sabrina is a Tricolor. She is very athletic. She is very rare with blue eyes. Shes a best friend for sure.
 Sabrina weighs 17 lbs
Rowan is a ruby. She is a beauty. Loves to snuggle and go for walks. Rowan is 15 lbs.