West Michigan Cavaliers
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                        Welcome, thank you for visiting. For the past 20+ years I have been breeding only Cavaliers King Charles Spaniels. I have learned a lot about this special breed and take tremendous pride in breeding adorable and healthy puppies. Proper nutrition and medical testing is very important to produce healthy adults and puppies.

                       All of my dogs are certified for their heart and eyes. Patellas are also tested for any luxation. I want to make sure your puppy will give you not only all this breed has to offer, and live to an old age. Pedigrees are carefully researched to ensure that lines are not crossed.

        I offer adorable, healthy, loving  cavalier puppies in all four colors. All of my litters are AKC registered. Each puppy receives their first shot, microchip and a wellness check up. They are very socialized with alot of handling and loved to pieces. 

                         My dogs and their puppies are members of our family . That being said, not all the breeding dogs live with me. Im not a breeder that dogs are kept in kennels. They all live normal lives and carefully breed to not make it a stressful experience. Being intelligent, this incredible breed learns fast and should never be given harsh discipline. Cavaliers would love nothing more than to be with you at all times. This is not a breed that should be left alone for long hours.

                        If this sounds like a breed for you check out the pages. We have litters available different time during the year. Please feel free to contact me and come and visit, anytime. 

                                                                                Thank you,
                                                                         Linda Ellerbroek